Why are Girls going Commando? 15 Reasons You Should Get Rid Of Your Panties


There are more and more girls going commando as of late. But why is this? Here are all of the reasons why girls – and you – should ditch the undies.

Going commando is nothing new. People have been doing it for far longer than we realize. In fact, humans went without underwear far longer than we’ve been wearing it. It wasn’t until more recently in history that girls going commando was seen as something odd.

But it’s becoming the norm as of late and for good reasons. There are actually many benefits of not wearing underwear and women are starting to realize that.

Why people started wearing underwear in the first place

Humans were made to be naked. When we evolved, we weren’t made to wear clothes all the time. That’s why we have protective body hair. However, when we became more civilized, clothes were needed to keep us warm and well, clothed.

After some research was done, many started wearing underwear for health reasons. It seemed to be cleaner. However, that’s not always true. But health concerns are the reason underwear was invented in the first place and why we have so many different types now. [Read: The weird facts about selling used panties you’re dying to know]

Why girls going commando is becoming the new norm

Truthfully, all women should be going commando except for that special time of the month. There are a lot of reasons to do so and we’re going to lay them all out for you right here.

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1. It’s cheaper

Do you know how expensive underwear is? If you want the types that are actually semi-comfortable, you’re looking to spend a pretty penny on every pair. That means you’ll easily have hundreds of dollars worth of panties in no time. Who wants to spend that money?

Instead, girls who are ditching their underwear can spend their money on more important things. Like donuts. Or a sexy dress. [Read: The lazy way to save money as a twentysomething]

2. It’s more comfortable

No matter what kind of underwear it is, it’s not more comfortable than going without. Even if you have the softest thong on the planet, it’ll still ride up every now and then.

When girls go commando, they’re living in comfort. There’s nothing riding up their butt and causing them to be annoyed all day.

3. It’s cooler

This isn’t in an attitude way, it’s in a temperature way. There’s actually a lot of heat that escapes by way of your genitals. If women are always trapping their bits in tight undies, it gets very warm. And that’s just downright annoying.

4. Easy access

Let’s talk sex. Not wearing panties is so much more convenient for it. Not only does it take less time to get down to the nitty-gritty, it makes the sex that much better. Since you don’t have something protecting your downstairs all day, you’ll actually be more turned on from everything rubbing against you. [Read: 10 ways to make your married sex feel like a one night stand]

5. It’s actually healthier

Since girls going commando aren’t trapping the heat down there, they’re making it harder for bacteria to grow. Since bacteria thrives in warm, wet places, ditching the panties makes it more difficult to get any kind of infection by “airing it out.”

6. No panty lines!

We all hate panty lines. Can we agree on that? They don’t look good and they can ruin a perfectly good outfit. For that reason, more girls are just deciding to go without. I’ve spent way too long trying on different pairs of underwear to see if one didn’t show panty lines. Now I just don’t wear underwear and save a LOT of that time.

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7. Less laundry

I know underwear aren’t very big. I know they don’t make up that much of your laundry but coming from someone who HATES doing laundry, this is a big perk. You don’t have to worry about washing them if you don’t wear any! [Read: How to get your boyfriend to stop being so lazy]

8. Lighter packing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make room just for underwear. You could potentially lose out on an amazing outfit because you need to fit 7 pairs of underwear in your bag for vacation. No thanks. I’d rather go without.

9. It releases more pheromones

That’s right, ladies. If you want to pick up more guys, just stop wearing underwear! That region is ripe with pheromones that can actually be picked up by other guys if you stop covering yourself with tight fabric. [Read: How do pheromones really work?]

10. You’ll spend less time matching underwear to your bra

Because you won’t have to wear any panties! That means you can wear any bra you want and it’ll be sure to look perfect with your naked nether region.

11. It makes you feel free

Underwear is just downright constricting and annoying. If you really want to know what freedom feels like, do what all the girls going commando are doing and ditch the underwear for good. Nobody needs something so restricting in their life.

12. It gives you a sexy edge

Knowing you’re not wearing panties just makes you feel sexy. You feel like you have a secret as you’re walking around all day long. And guess what. It feels great!

You get a huge confidence boost when you walk around naked down there. Sure, it can feel a little odd at first. But after a while, you’ll start feeling incredibly sexy and like you can totally pick up any guy you want. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

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13. It’s a fun way to instigate foreplay

Literally all girls have to say is, “I’m not wearing underwear,” and their partner is all over them. And if you wear a dress while you’re not wearing underwear it makes it even better.

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The point is that it’s a fun way to start something sexy with your partner. You can be out on a date or somewhere public and whisper it in their ear. It’ll be enough to get them speeding up the date so they can get you home. [Read: How to foreplay your way to the best sex life]

14. You’ll smell fresher

Since it’s cooler and less damp down there when you don’t wear panties, you’ll smell better. Bacteria is what makes for an icky-smelling downstairs for women and by ditching the underwear, you’re preventing the bacteria from growing.

15. You’ll feel like a little rebel

Until girls going commando is completely normal to society, you’ll always feel like a little rebel if you don’t wear any underwear. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that rebel attitude can make me feel unstoppable in everything else I do in life. If you want that extra edge, take a lesson from all the girls going commando.

[Read: 14 sexy benefits of sleeping naked you have no idea about]

It’s not completely common to find girls going commando all the time. However, with more of the benefits being learned, there are definitely more of us opting to ditch the panties.

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