Volkswagen’s virtual motor show is the closest we’ll get to an actual display


The COVID-19 outbreak has already canceled motor shows the world over. Here in the Philippines, the Manila International Auto Show has been postponed indefinitely.

That said, we can still get our dose of motor-show goodness because Volkswagen is giving a digital tour of its booth at the Geneva International Motor Show. Yes, the booth we didn’t get to see because the said show was…well, canceled.

You can choose to walk around the VW booth’s nine different sections, or you can click on the play button to let the tour move on its own. It’s a pretty immersive experience, especially with the loud, booming house music playing. It’s as if you’re actually walking around the show floor.

VW’s display features its ID. lineup, including the ID.3, the ID.Space Vizzion, and the e-up!. Moving onto the highlight of the exhibition, you’ll see the all-new Mk8 Golf in all its glory. Front and center is the Golf GTI, of course, and you can even change up its colors in case you prefer your hot hatch with a different finish.

Walk around further and you’ll see some familiar nameplates like the Polo, Passat, Touareg, and Tiguan. Of course, there is also a wide selection of vehicles that aren’t available in our local market like the T-Roc, the Multivan, the all-new Caddy, the Sharan, and the Touran.

Other sections of the booth also offer more interactions. In one section, you can dress up the Golf GTI, Touareg R, and T-Roc R to your liking—the display lets you choose among a few wheel and color options.

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So, are you missing the excitement and thrill of walking around a motor show? If you share our sentiments, then we suggest you head on over and take a quick tour yourself. It’ll be a nice way to chill and pass the time.

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