Tattoo Pain Guide: Least Painful Places On Body to Get Tattoos

It’s terrifying to have a needle constantly pierce your skin in order to create a permanent piece of art on your skin. And, I won’t lie, it will cause some discomfort.

The good news is that the pain caused by tattoo needles is not the same. Some parts of our bodies are more sensitive to pain than others.

So, if you’re a first-time tattooee or simply don’t like the idea of going through a lot of pain just to get a tattoo, don’t worry – there are tattoos that won’t cause you too much pain.

Places to Have the Least Painful Tattoo

Here is a list of places where you can get tattoos that won’t make you cry in pain. Sure, you’ll still have some aches and pains, but they won’t be unbearable, right?

1. The tip of your finger

The closer the tattoo needle is to your bones, the more pain you are likely to feel, which is why knuckle tattoos can be excruciatingly painful. Furthermore, this part of your finger has a lower number of nerve endings, which translates into less pain. This is why the top of your finger is one of the best places to get a tattoo, not to mention how adorable it will look once your artist is finished with your design!

2. Thigh

Your quadriceps muscles are housed in your thighs. For those who are unaware, this is the largest group of muscles in your entire body. Along with this, you have another advantage: women tend to store fat in their thighs, which means a tattoo on your thigh will be less painful because your fat and muscles will help to significantly reduce the pain. Not to mention how cute those tattoos would look with shorts!

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3. The inside of the forearm

Again, this is not a highly sensitive area and is capable of taking in a lot of pain, making it one of the least painful places to get tattoos on your entire body. Keep your distance from the bone, especially your elbow, because that’s when you’ll get a taste of what hell is really like.

4. The shoulder’s outer aspect

Women, for the most part, choose to get tattoos at this location, and for good reason. Consider how stunning your tattoo would look peeking out from an off-shoulder or oversized shirt! You can also cover and flaunt them as you please. Not to mention how much less painful it is to get such a tattoo!

5. The upper back

The most significant benefit of getting a tattoo on your upper back is the sheer amount of canvas available for experimentation. It’s best for people who have already gotten tattoos, because getting such a large tattoo on your first try isn’t a good idea. Second, simply ask your tattoo artist to avoid the areas near your armpit and spine, and you’re good to go.

6. The back of the ear

For some reason, this part of the body does not receive as much attention as the rest of the body. However, despite its small size, this area is ideal for first-time tattooers or those who want a small tattoo, don’t want to show off their tattoos, or want to cover up their tattoos easily whenever they want (with hair or scarf).

7. Inner wrist

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This is another location where you can get a non-painful tattoo that is suitable for both men and women; in fact, some people go so far as to get entire sleeves of tattoos on their hands, sometimes extending to their shoulders and parts of their chest. To be honest, it all depends on you. And, because you have so much room to work with, you can go crazy!

8. Your shins and calves

For those who don’t know, this is the area on the backside of your leg that lies above your ankle and below your knee. Again, because of the amount of skin available, this is an excellent location for a large tattoo. However, be cautious because this is the type of place where tattoos are easily visible. However, if your workplace has a strict no-tattoo policy, you may want to reconsider getting a tattoo here.

9. The hips

The hip area, like the thighs, has a lot of fat and cellulite, especially if you’re a woman. There are fewer nerve endings and almost no bone there. Furthermore, if you want to get a tattoo that only your special someone will see, the hip is a great place to do so.

10. The stomach

Only if you have the figure of a model or the confidence of a model can you rock a tattoo on your stomach, as these tattoos are only visible when wearing revealing tops or bikinis. This is why, despite the fact that the abdomen is one of the least painful tattoo locations, most people avoid it. However, if you think you’d be okay with getting a tattoo down there, go for it!

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