Stay Balanced With This Easy 10-Minute Tuna Melt | Diabetes-Friendly Recipe | EatingWell

Dilly Beans Recipe

Learn how to preserve your excess green beans this year with this tasty recipe for Dilly Beans. Dilly beans add a tart flavor and tangy bite to green beans and are perfect for serving with cocktails.

Berry Good for You – The Season to Forage Free Nutritional Foods

Having a reputation for being an amazing cold and flu remedy elderberries are also full of useful nutrients. Made into a delicious cordial it is a definite ‘must’ to have at the ready as winter approaches.

Wild Salmon Burgers or Cakes, High in Omega-3 and Delicious

Health experts are recommending two servings of fatty fish, fish high in Omega-3, per week. But many folks, especially kids, turn up their noses at fish. How can you make it appealing? Turn the fish into burgers, which appeal to almost everyone.

New Succotash: Goodness of the Past, Conveneince of the Present

Have you ever eaten succotash, a combination of corn and lima beans? If you like this vegetable combination, you will love the updated version. The new succotash has more vegetables, more seasoning, and can be a meal by itself.

Squaw Dish (Scrambled Eggs and Corn), a Satisfying Meal for Tough Times

Eggs just aren’t for breakfast. When you’re tired and don’t know what to fix for dinner, you may opt for scrambled eggs. Or you may think of a challenging time in your childhood when your mother fixed Squaw Dish — scrambled eggs and creamed corn. It tasted good then and this homey dish tastes good today. Try the recipe!

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Summer Fun Snacks for Kids

It’s quite well-known that kids love snacks, and in the summer, you can prepare some great fun snacks for your kids. Here are some suggestions.

Sweet Pea, Cheese and Pickle Salad With Noodles: A Kid-Friendly Side Dish

Kids, especially young ones, can be funny about food. They will reject bitter foods and foods and foods with an odd consistency. Still, most kids like peas. How can you get your kids to eat mor vegetables? Combine them with noodles, of course.

Food Is Nourishment

I’ve been thinking about what I let my kids eat these days. At school they are exposed to foods that I know to be not the best for them, however, I always felt that there are time and a place to put your foot down and depriving them of the “joy” in their little minds because all their friends are doing it. As you all are aware, the peer pressure or peer influence is huge in the developmental years.

Dinner Ritual to Call for a Soul-Mate

It is believed that, following some Roman traditions, the secret society felt that any meat that comes from the sea is appropriate in calling for a soul-mate. There is a strong association with the goddess Venus, who came from the sea. Food coming from the water has a special energy. Running water has the property to group items according to their density. You can see that in small river bays, where all the similar matter is gathered together. The same energy is called upon to reunite the soul-mates.

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The History of Pizza and the First Frozen Pizza in America

A short history of pizza, how the popularity of pizza began and where it is today. Pizza for the most part has evolved from peasant food dating back to ancient Greeks. And now you can go to your favorite grocer and spend as much as $10 for one frozen pizza, kind of ironic.

Almond Saffron Fudge, a Delicious Dessert Recipe

Almond fudge is a dessert, which has a delicate sweetness and goodness of the almond. This sweet is prepared by cooking the almonds on medium heat and other ingredients are added to it to make a delicious treat.

Keep It Simple – The Kitchen of the Future

Eating well does not need to be difficult. It is not necessary to follow long complicated recipes or be particularly talented to be a good home cook. All you need is good fresh ingredients and be willing to dump the junk.

The Magic Book of Cookery

I have written a book that contains recipes for meals that combine food and magic. These recipes were created by a witch coven in the 17th century who needed to change the way they met for their rituals and magic purposes. They also found that friendship, joy and camaraderie bring about more effective results.

The Experience of Gourmet to Your Daily Living

Gourmet Food preparation and dining unfold in the same manner. Of course, you are free to decide in which areas of your eating style you only want to apply gourmet food preparations.