Skin Peels Between the Toes: Causes and Treatments

Many people deal with skin peeling between their toes or even between their fingers on a daily basis. There are several reasons for this, and it is actually more common than most people realize. Skin peeling is frequently caused by dry skin or the changing of the seasons.

The good news is that people can take steps to prevent and treat this condition. In most cases, it is critical to learn what the cause is so that you can treat it, which can be as simple as changing your personal care routine.

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What is the cause of skin peeling between the toes?

1. Toe Box Dermatitis

Many people blame toe box dermatitis for the skin peeling between their toes because their shoes do not allow the foot to breathe. As a result, body heat warms the shoe box, causing skin peeling. This is why it is recommended that a person wear a shoe that has a breathable toe box.

2. Athlete’s Foot

This is caused by a fungus that thrives in warm environments, such as between the toes. Skin peeling in this condition is frequently accompanied by burning and itching in the affected areas. Athlete’s foot can be caused by extreme weather, fungal bacteria, or foot sweating while wearing non-breathable shoes.

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3. Cellulitis

Bacteria live on the skin and can enter the skin through scratches, causing redness, itching, and peeling in the affected areas. If you have a cut on your toes, cellulitis can develop and spread, resulting in peeling skin between your toes that is often red and inflamed. The inflamed skin may feel warm or hot to the touch, indicating the presence of an infection.

4. Trench Foot

Trench foot occurs when the foot is exposed to damp conditions for an extended period of time. Trench foot is more common in people who work outside in rubber boots. It is most common in the winter, but it can be seen in other seasons as well.

5. Psoriasis

This is a type of eczema that causes skin peeling. The cause of psoriasis is unknown, but many doctors believe it has something to do with the person’s immune system and may also be related to nervous system issues.

6. Environmental Factor

Peeling skin between the toes can be caused by heat, cold, or even dry weather. When the environment is to blame for skin peeling, most people’s skin is affected in other ways as well. Spending extended periods of time in these conditions increases the likelihood of developing skin peeling between the toes.

7. Dry Skin

Those who have severely dry skin, whether as a result of over-washing or a lack of natural moisture in the skin, will notice that skin peeling can occur anywhere on their body, including the skin between their toes. As a result, you must moisturize your skin, especially during the winter, when dry skin is more prevalent.

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8. Allergy Reaction

Those who visit places where their toes are exposed to a variety of environmental conditions may experience allergic reactions to what they come into contact with. For example, allergens can be found in public swimming pools or even on the ground when a person walks barefoot. An allergic reaction can sometimes result in bacterial or fungal infections.

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How to Get Rid of Skin Peeling Between Your Toes

1. Select the Proper Socks and Shoes

You should keep your feet dry to avoid skin peeling between your toes.

Socks should be made of synthetic fibers designed specifically to keep your feet dry, or natural materials such as wool or cotton.

Shoes should be well-ventilated, and shoes made of rubber, vinyl, or similar materials should be avoided. Furthermore, alternate your shoes and avoid wearing the same shoes every day to help keep your feet dry.

2. Soak Your Feet and Clean Them

To relieve skin peeling between your toes, soak your feet in warm water. If used on a regular basis, a solution of warm water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 2 teaspoon salt can help clear up almost any skin peeling condition. Avoid over-washing your feet, as this can cause drying and peeling of the skin.

3. Other Methods for Removing Peeling Skin Between Toes

Massage olive or coconut oil between your toes if you have peeling skin.

If the cold weather is to blame, apply honey to the affected area.

Furthermore, soaking your feet in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water is known to help with this remedy.

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4. Feet Should Be Moisturized

After you’ve washed your feet, make sure to moisturize them. You can use a special foot moisturizing lotion for this, or you can go natural and use vitamin E oil or even olive oil. When moisturizing your feet, be sure to massage them as well, as this can significantly reduce itching, pain, and skin peeling between your toes.

5. Apply Soothing Gels

If the skin peeling between your toes is caused by a burn, such as sunburn, aloe vera is a good choice due to its cooling and healing properties. Aloe vera can also help with other types of burns, such as fungal infections. The gel is cooling and provides immediate relief. Aloe gel, in its purest form, can be used directly from aloe plants.

6. Try Mint Juice

Mint juice can help stop skin peeling between toes caused by athlete’s foot or other fungal infections, as well as soothe the associated itching or burning sensation.

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