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A Simple Syrup Recipe – Homemade Tangerine Syrup

I did not know that simple syrup was so, well… simple. On a recent March morning, as my two boys sat at the breakfast bar watching me prepare French Toast, my oldest announced, “Mom, we should make our own syrup. Healthy syrup like apple syrup.” This got my wheels turning and so I went off in search of simple syrup recipes.

Smoky Beef Brisket Cooked On A Gas Grill

I absolutely love beef brisket that is slowly cooked over a small wood fire. However, I don’t always have the time or patience to do that, so I have come up with an alternative cooking method for my gas grill that still gives you a lot of slow-cooked flavor. I use smoked sea salt and cumin (which I think naturally tastes a bit smoky) to add the flavor that you would normally get from a fire. I am sure a southern pit master would tell you that the flavor attained from smoking can’t be duplicated, and that might be true to some degree. But this method takes a lot less effort and still produces a fantastic, smoke flavored brisket. I still cook the brisket for 6 hours, but my involvement during that time is minimal; the gas grill makes this recipe easy to prepare.

Now It’s Your Chance to Learn How to Cook Chicken Korma

This time I want to share a south Asian delicacy – Chicken Korma. A great dish that originated in the area of modern day Pakistan and India. The Korma is a juicy and creamy dish that brings a unique mixture of tastes.

Grilled Eggplant Dip With Whole Wheat Pita Chips – A Healthy Recipe for Your Gas Grill

I try to make everything a little bit healthier, so when a friend asked me to combine two things that are traditionally not the healthiest (grilling and dips) I was excited to give it a try. I came up with a dip that is not only healthy, but quick and easy to prepare on a gas grill. This is my recipe for grilled eggplant dip with grilled pita chips. Both the eggplant and the pita chips are perfectly spiced and cooked right on the gas grill, proving that you don’t need to make unhealthy foods when you grill. Using whole wheat pitas ups the fiber and nutrition in this recipe. Heart healthy extra virgin olive oil has a fruity flavor that goes well with the eggplant. Using a pre-made Chinese 5-spice powder saves time and adds a lot of flavor without adding fat or lots of calories.

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Smoky Pulled Pork Cooked On Your Gas Grill

I love smoked pulled pork that is slowly cooked over a fire. The problem is, keeping a fire going for 5 hours straight while making sure it never gets too hot is very labor intensive. And it uses a lot of wood, so I tend to only use this method when I am cooking several pork shoulders or other smoked items for a party. The rest of the time I use my gas grill. Obviously, you can’t get the same smoky flavor from a gas grill that you get from a fire, so I came up with a few substitutions to help me get that smoky flavor that I love.

A Crispy Fish Recipe That Satisfies

Once a year I review my fish recipes to see what I haven’t made in a while and to update or add to them. One of my favorites is my crispy fish baked in the oven. My husband catches lots of different fish on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline and we like to experiment. And by eating a healthy meal, you will not be “looking” for something else afterwards to satisfy you or your sweet tooth. Funny how it works: the body get nourishing food and then does not look for sugary sweet stuff to satisfy because you are missing something. Definitely give this recipe a try.

Gluten-Free Meals

Sometimes the most difficult question to answer at the end of a hectic and exhausting day is, “What’s for dinner?” If you are like me, you might want to reply, “I am tired and I wish some magical fairy would come and produce a fabulous gluten-free meal!” A palate pleaser gluten-free meal would be Simple Shredded BBQ Chicken atop freshly cut romaine lettuce, fresh blueberries, and some Banana Cream pie for dessert.

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Mom’s Bread Machine Own Version

Whenever bread recipes are mentioned, I remember my childhood days when I spent the summer at my grandmother’s cottage in the country. She lived with my grandfather and bachelor uncle in the boondocks in a serene and isolated rural farm. To this day I don’t know why they called it a cottage when it was three stories high and not at all made of logs! Anyway, it was a very pleasant house albeit the flight of stairs was quite narrow and high, such that when I had already ensconced myself on my third floor bedroom for a bit of solitude, not even all the kings’ horses could drag me down until I was good and ready (and rejuvenated after the long climb!); that or the smell of bread wafting from the old-fashioned kitchen two storeys down.

The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe in 10 Easy Minutes

A very simple recipe for a delicious, sugary treat. These cookies are ready to eat in 10 minutes and can be easily altered to satisfy any occasion.

Bread Maker Recipes and Tips on Peanut Butter Bread

A family favorite recipe on peanut butter bread. The peanut butter is in the recipe so you have the alternative of just using jam and it won’t stick to the roof of your mouth. If you love peanut butter you can use it and double the flavor. Bread making tips are included along with the recipe. This is one recipe that both kids and adults love.

Baked Chicken Breast – It’s Easier Than You Think

Many people have the preconception that to bake chicken breast, one must have high culinary skills. However, that is far from the case. A perfectly baked chicken breast is just as easy to achieve as fried chicken drumsticks.

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A Taste of Clean and Green and Bananas

This next bread recipe is composed solely of vegetarian or vegan ingredients. Most notable is the vegan margarine which may not always be available in all parts of the world. If you are unable to find this in your local grocer or vegan specialty store, then a good substitute will be simple vegetable oil. Saba bananas are also known as cardaba bananas in some parts of the globe.

Cooking With Children in Mind

If you are considering cooking with children you need to be prepared and make sure you have the proper ingredients on hand before beginning. You will certainly need your patience and you would not want to leave in the middle of things to run to the local grocery store to pick up the missing ingredients.

Delicious Calamari Recipe

While most people may turn their nose up at the thought of eating squid, if you dip it in batter and fry it- a common restaurant specialty known as calamari- it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing. While there are different recipes and methods to prepare calamari, the basic steps and ingredients tend to be similar, if not the same.