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Genovese Cold Stuffed Veal Breast

For the stuffing, wash the calf’s brain and the sweetbreads under cold running water. Soak in cold water about 30 minutes.

Home Made Steak and Cheese

Are you still letting your local sub shop overcharge you for your sandwiches? I can show you how to make cheap, easy steak and cheese subs.

Christmas Eve Fish Dinner (Feast of the Seven Fishes?)

Christmas Eve Fish Dinner. Or, did you call it Feast of the Seven Fishes: An Italian American Tradition, Its history and its table.

Alfredo Scalloped Potatoes, the Star of Any Pot Luck or Family Meal

Do you have days when you draw a blank on meal planning? Nothing comes to mind and you wonder what you’re going to bring to a church pot luck supper or serve your hungry family. This recipe for Alfredo Scalloped Potatoes is a welcome addition to any meal. In fact, it could turn out to be the star of the show.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Paleo Food?

The Paleo diet includes foods rich in nutrients and free from added chemicals, preservatives and other additives that may harm the body. Paleolithic food provide a healthy, balanced supply of energy for optimal health; the cavemen knew it centuries ago and medical doctors recommend similar foods for losing weight and controlling other health issues such as high blood pressure and issues with low energy levels.

Baking Delicious Cookies in a Rangemaster Classic

If you’re lucky enough to own a large range oven, such as the Rangemaster Classic, you’ll know how much fun it is to bake mouth-wateringly delicious sweet treats in. Boasting a considerably-sized oven-space, the Rangemaster Classic is perfect for those looking to bake a selection of wonderful cookies, each boasting different fillings.

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Sat Varga Saag – Curry From Seven Different Kinds Of Leafy Vegetables

I usually tasted the common Saag prepared by the Punjabis. I was amazed when Gagan, my friend, mentioned about it.

Traditional Russian Meat Pastries – Chebureki

If you want to prepare the perfect meat pastries then Russian Chebureki deserves special mention. This food can be taken anytime and you will really love to have it. Lamb is used as the main ingredient and that makes it fatter and bigger.

Nadru Monje – Fritters of Lotus Stem In Kashmiri Style

Muskaan Shah, my best friend and sister, invited me to her place to help her mother in cooking. Why? Her brother Masroor Bhaiji was arriving from Srinagar with his family. She wanted me to meet them and interact with his family. I was busy in the kitchen, standing next to Mummyji (Muskaan’s mother) and completing various jobs like chopping vegetable for salads, grinding various spices, cleaning coriander leaves, etc.

How to Make Banana in Sugar Syrup (Minatamis Na Saging) – A Filipino Dessert

For those who have a sweet tooth and can’t live a day without sugar, this sweet dessert recipe is for you. Because the Philippines, as a tropical country, is blessed with an abundance of fruits, it is ever present in our meals, from appetizer, to main dish to side dish, and of course, dessert. We grow different varieties of bananas all over the country. Some are sweet and can be eaten raw, and some are best for cooking, like the saba. They also come in all shapes, sizes and colors, from green to yellow to red. Just take your pick, and need I say that it is also rich in potassium?

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How to Make Leche Flan Dessert – Filipino Style

To other countries, it is known as Creme Caramel or Caramel Custard, but to us Filipinos, it is Leche Flan (Milk Flan). This very rich and delicious dessert consists of a custard base with a soft caramel on top. It is prepared by pouring sugar syrup into a mold and then adding the custard base.

Making the Best Peanut Brittle

It’s Christmas time, a time of year when we make candies for our family and friends. I will be sharing with you a recipe and a couple of secrets on how to make the Best Peanut Brittle.

My Mother’s Filipino Recipe for Bulalo

BULALO is a Lutong Pinoy and is Truly Filipino! It is a beef shank soup and is considered one of the most favorite soups all over the Philippines. Wherever province you visit in the Philippines, you will always find this soup recipe.

Mongolian Beef Recipe – Filipino Style

Mongolian Beef Recipe Craving for something sweet and spicy? Ever tried the dish called Mongolian Beef? This Chinese dish is not really as popular to the Filipino palate compared to the other known recipes that have a Chinese influence. The name itself is misleading because none of the cooking methods or ingredients has anything to do with the country of Mongolia. This dish is commonly served in Chinese restaurants all over the world.