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Swapping Pantry Staples

You found a new cookie recipe in a magazine that you would like to make. You begin checking your pantry to see if you have all of the ingredients. You realize that you’re missing a few of the products you need to make the cookies. But, you do see a few items that you might be able to substitute. You wonder if it is okay to make swaps. That actually depends.

Feed Your Body! Soups for the Approaching Cold and Flu Season

The Goji Berry is a loaded with vitamin C, lutein, zinc and zaxanthin. Goji berries are said to improve the immune system, by preventing the growth of cancerous cells. They are high in phytochemical antioxidants, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that supports a healthy immune system.

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?

One of the major health benefits of implementing a paleo diet is the elimination of refined sugar from your diet. By learning to interpret the FDA’s food ingredients labels and following a couple of simple “Rules of Thumb” you can be on your way to healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle right away.

Natural Food Recipes

With obesity widely accepted and type 2 diabetes raging amongst adults and children alike, somewhere there has to be a stop to it all. The only way to make the necessary changes to put a stop to preventable diseases (such as type 2 diabetes) is to use exclusively natural food recipes while cooking.

A Taste of the Spanish Coast: Paella Valenciana

Paella is a testament to the wonderful flavours of Spanish cuisine. It is a complete and well-balanced meal in itself: a mixture of rice, meat, vegetables and/or seafood depending on which paella recipe you’re following. This wonderfully easy recipe will get you started.

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Family Recipes for the Brand New Cook

This is a cookbook I wrote for my daughter when she moved into her first apartment. It has all of her favorite recipes and little love notes on how to make them. It is a perfect fool-proof method to make several wonderful meals.

Ricotta, Eggplant, Zucchini, Onions and Tomato Pie

Having visited a great farm stand in New Jersey I came home with a counter full of vegetables. Beyond recipes I already had in mind, I wanted to create something new. After a bit of thought and investigation I came up with a ricotta, eggplant, zucchini, onion and tomato pie created in distinct layers.

2 Basic Indian Dishes That Everyone Should Try Making

If you are trying to cook Indian food for the very first time, it may all seem a bit overwhelming. All the ‘masalas’, spice mixes and cooking everything from scratch may be a bit too much for you. But don’t worry, Indian cuisine is not that hard as it is made out to be.

Recipes That Freeze Well – Make Your Weekly Meals Ahead of Time

Cooking for your freezer is a great way to save time, money and stress! Homemade is better than store bought anytime.

Ingredient Basics for Home Baking

Most baking projects call for similar ingredients. Before taking on any new baking project, make sure you read the recipe in advance. If you keep most of the basic ingredients on hand, you will be set. But, if from your cookbook you choose a white chocolate and cranberry cookie recipe, you may have to pick up a few more items from the grocery store.

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Advantages of Using Fresh, Whole Ingredients in Your Home Baking

Everyone loves baked goods and the benefits of baking at home with simple baking recipes extend well beyond the irresistible smell of fresh bread or pastries filling up your kitchen. Buying ingredients in bulk instead of repeatedly buying prepackaged baked goods is a great way to save money in today’s economy.

Adding Professional Touches To Your Home Baking Projects

Bakeries are magical places, adults and children alike can’t help but cheer up in the presence of so many delicious, professionally made baked goods. Of course, everyone knows there is nothing better than baking at home when it comes to convenience, affordability and choosing the ingredients that best suit your family needs. With a few tips from professional bakers you can get into easy baking in your own home and have the best of both worlds.

Quick Breads: The Easy Baking Bread

No, it’s not just a catchy title, quick breads are popular for a reason: as the name suggests, they’re baking made easy, and very quick. You don’t have to be baking mad to be a fan of these breads; some of the most simple baking recipes are for quick breads. For that reason they make a perfect choice for someone who’s new to home baking, as they tend to be pretty foolproof.

Easy Paleo Recipes: The Western Omelet

Looking for tasty Paleo lunch ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Learn how to make The Western Omelet, a well-known and delicious Paleo lunch dish!