New Car Preview: Genesis GV60 EV


The Genesis brand has made major strides into the fray of the automotive luxury world with the updates of the latest lineup, including the highly sought-after GV70 and GV80 crossovers. With the inevitable pivot towards electrification, Genesis gives us a glimpse into their EV future with the GV60 crossover, a new EV that will run beside its forthcoming G80 EV sedan when they both go on sale sometime next year.

The GV60 brings the newfound styling elements that we have seen in new Genesis vehicles as of late, which isn’t a bad thing considering the unique attractiveness found in the G80, G90, GV70, and GV80.

Genesis GV60 EV

What the GV60 EV will embody is a gateway into electrification for the luxury crossover segment where what we see here is more on the side of a compact but laced with luxury that we’ve seen in other Genesis vehicles. The interior looks to be of high quality with some unique elements, such as cameras in place of the rearview mirrors and a slightly different take on the “Crystal Sphere” shifter with a backlit mood lighting effect.

Genesis GV60 EV

Genesis is remaining quiet on additional details of the new GV60 compact luxury crossover EV but from what we can tell from Hyundai and Kia counterparts we can guess what will underpin and power the GV60. We expect the underpinnings to be that of the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Genesis GV60 EV

The powertrain for the GV60 will more than likely be a version of what is found in the upcoming Kia EV6, which produces 576 horsepower from both a single rear axle motor and one up front for a dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration. The battery pack will be either a 58-kWh or a larger 77-kWh pack with a respectable range of around 300 miles if the larger pack is the winning configuration.

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Genesis GV60 EV

Pricing is expected to start around $55,000 from our educated guess and go on sale sometime next year (2022) possibly as a 2023 model year.

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Title: New Car Preview: Genesis GV60 EV
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