Mila’s High Protein Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Steamed Cabbage | Make Over My Recipe | EatingWell

Fresh Dates and a Kale Smoothie Post Workout + Sweet Potato Chili

Try some fresh Medjool dates and a green smoothie after a hard workout. And then make a super healthy sweet potato chili for the week.

The Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

Better known as Chard, this colorful red stemmed green is not only an attractive presentation it is high in nutrition and low in calories. I remember my Mom preparing Swiss Chard and she would come up with a different recipe every time she served it. Sometimes it was a salad or used in a salad, and other times it was sauteed with a variety of ingredients.

Recipe for Roasted Chickpeas

I’m always looking for something crunchy for on-the-go snacks for the family. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find crunchy snacks that have any nutrition in them at all. These little crunchers fit our needs perfectly.

My Grandmother’s Favorite Homemade Relishes

Most relishes and condiments can be bought in a grocery store, but homemade taste so much better. They take some planning and work, but they also make a great gift. It’s something from the heart and shows that you really care.

How To Make an Easy Scrumptious Omelet

There is nothing more soothing to the palate than an omelet made right. This is a meal all in one. Just place a slice of toast, bagel or muffin on the side.

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana has a great nutritional significance. This fruit provides energy in our body because of its main composition which is water and carbohydrates. Bananas have three natural sugars such as sucrose, glucose and fructose along with fiber which was proven to give instant and substantial boost of energy. Notably bananas are rich in minerals like phosphorous which is essential for bone development and calcium.

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Pork Spring Rolls

Pork Spring Rolls are among the most popular Vietnamese dishes. People who enjoy this traditional dish are treated to “a little bit of luxury” that can also be stuffed with crab, shrimp or beef. Pork is the least expensive meat in Vietnam.

Asparagus – The “Royal” Vegetable

Asparagus is one of the most successful vegetables in Germany and incredible popular. Here is a little insight on its history and possible reasons for its popularity in Germany.

My Favorite Low Carb Snacks

Low carb snacks have moved beyond packets of nuts. In this article, I share 5 great low carb snacks with you. Some of them, you can make yourself at home. Others, you can buy at the store.

Make Your Own Incredible Bread!

There is nothing quite as magical as the aroma of bread baking in the oven. Baking homemade bread is something that might seem intimidating or out of reach for the average person, but it’s really simple and incredibly rewarding. Not only does it…

Beef Recipes From the Caribbean

When you think of Caribbean cuisine most people think of seafood and bean dishes, not necessarily beef recipes, but especially in Cuba, beef has been a traditional staple of the populace since before the 20th century. In Cuba these days however regular citizens can’t afford beef.

Natural Recipes

Making the commitment to eat foods and cooking meals with natural ingredients will bring Americans back to health. Natural recipes will generate wholesome meals that will satisfy the palate as well as meet nutritional needs.

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Koushari – One Of The Most Popular Egyptian Food Recipes

With its protein-rich elements, Koushari is not only very tasty but can also be a very economical, healthy and a filling lunch or dinner. Hence, it is also one of the most sought after dishes among the Egyptian Food Recipes.

A Quick Dish of Rice and Chicken

Rice is the staple food for most of the world’s population. Be it the Indians or the Mexicans, rice has served as the stick of survival for many. Over the years, the ways of cooking have gone through an immense change.