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Spiced Lamb and Vegetables With Tahini Sauce

Middle Eastern cuisine features some the most aromatic, intensely flavored dishes in the world. A plentiful blend of spices enhances both meats and vegetables, as in this warm, inviting dinner for four.

Handy Tips For Home Bakers

Baking is an art with science. It is a delicate process that involves precision and lot of patience. It is also said to be one of the best stress busters of all time.

Delicious, Soft and Moist GLUTEN FREE White Sandwich Loaf!

Hello to all my lovely readers! Due to popular demand and more than many requests from many of you, I’ve finally put together this GF bread recipe, I am so sorry it took me so long! This GF bread recipe is my very own method, like any other recipe I failed many attempts and wasted a lot of valuable time & money with really awful bread recipes, some GF breads either weighed a ton and were so dry and crumbly and others just had no taste!

Grilled Turkey Salad With Buttermilk Dressing

If you’re looking for ideas to use up that anticipated leftover turkey, think simple, fresh, and easy grilled turkey salads – a welcome lighter sight on the day-after dinner table. Lightly grilling cooked turkey breast adds new flavor to the bird, and homemade buttermilk dressing comes together fast with a few simple ingredients.

Herb-Marinated Chicken With Garlicky Kale

Slow-cooking chicken with fresh herbs gives the poultry time to absorb the earthy flavors and aromas of sage, rosemary, and oregano. Start by marinating the chicken and herbs in the fridge overnight, then cook it all together in a slow-cooker for delicious, tender chicken with rich herbal flavor.

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Grilled Tuna Tacos With Tomatillo-Chile Sauce

The key to these light, great-tasting tacos is freshness. The pan-seared sauce combines all fresh ingredients with no added fat, and the bright green colors of the tomatillos, peppers, scallions, and cilantro make it look as fresh as it tastes.

Healthy Recipes for a Healthy Living

Cooking is a hobby to some of us who enjoy playing around with recipes to bring out tasty foods that will keep family members glued to the dining table. However, to others cooking is a challenge that is even made worse when they are restricted to prepare healthy foods, which always seem to have limited ingredients. Nowadays every family is changing to preparing healthy foods because of their health benefits, the main one being prevention of sicknesses.

A Hawaiian Pizza Recipe (En Espanol)

For most Americans, this holiday season is just starting. All of the feasts and party oriented family gatherings will soon begin to commence; and the final event, the New Year’s fiesta, will end this yearly saga. Some may wonder how to survive.

All Is Well Fish Recipe

Shouldn’t everybody already know that? Unfortunately, no. We have all become victims of our specialty: pastors inundated with the prayers they offer, writers held hostage by the characters they create and politicians tormented by the illusions of the powers they wield – to the extent that we lose sight of what matters.

Christmas Pudding From Denmark – Risalamande

Having trouble deciding on an updated Christmas menu for this year? Try going backward in time and to a place far away to add new tradition to your table.

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Solar Cook Your Thanksgiving Feast

Why not be a free spirit for this year’s Thanksgiving and try using your own solar oven? Here is a start on a possible meal with suggested cooking times. Try adding your own recipes as well.

Turkey Flatbread Sandwiches With Grilled Peppers and Onions

It’s not too early to start thinking about those turkey leftovers! Skip the typical white bread and mayo, and enjoy scrumptious day-after sandwiches made with flatbread, smoky grilled vegetables, and a tasty, tangy horseradish-mustard sauce.

Chicken and Noodles in Quick Tomato-Mushroom Sauce

It takes very few ingredients and not much time to create a delicious, healthful, and simple dinner for friends or family. Lean chicken breasts are easy and quick to prepare and in this recipe the sauce is too.

Braised Chicken With Tomatoes And Mushrooms

Braising chicken pieces takes only about an hour on the stovetop, and it’s mouthwatering good. Smoky bacon, sweet tomatoes, and earthy mushrooms all result in a rich, flavorful sauce that cooks slowly along with the chicken.