How to Stay in Love Forever With Your Lover


Let’s face it: falling in love is exhilarating, but staying in love can be excruciating. Learn how to stay in love for the rest of your life by truly understanding your relationship and your partner.

You may not say it aloud or even discuss it with your partner.

But, at some point in every long-term relationship, we all wonder how to stay in love forever.

Even in the happiest of relationships, it’s natural to become interested in or attracted to someone else.

It may seem counterintuitive, but staying in a monogamous relationship or not finding someone else sexually appealing goes against human instincts.

However, social norms and societal pressures compel us to remain in a committed relationship.

How to Stay in Love Indefinitely

To understand how to stay in love forever, we must first comprehend the fundamental requirements of a romantic relationship.

And we must recognize that sexual attraction and love are two entirely different things that come together in a successful romantic relationship.

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Staying in romantic love with your lover requires more than just intense feelings of love or affection for your partner.

If staying in love meant fondly liking or loving someone unconditionally, there would be no difference between the love you’d feel for a friend, a sibling, a child, or even a parent. Love is unconditional in these situations.

However, for romantic love to be successful, it must be characterized by intense love and sexual attraction. And, in order to make a relationship work, you must maintain it and relive the excitement of the first few weeks of love every day for the rest of your lives.

Of course, tricking your mind into recreating those fleeting glances of first love and passionate first kisses is difficult, but it is certainly doable if you use these simple relationship changing steps on how to stay in love.

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Ways to stay in love indefinitely

Learn to keep an open mind and always exchange thoughts with your partner to create new exciting memories that can last a lifetime if you want to stay in love forever. And don’t forget the two things you need to stay in love: affection and sexual desire. Using these tips, learn how to use affection and sexual desire to stay in love with each other.

Get a fantastic body.

Yes, this is a little shallow. And, let’s face it, sexual desire is also shallow! You can’t expect your partner to love and desire your Michelin tires if you want them to love and desire you.

According to several large surveys, more than 60% of Americans are either overweight or obese. You pay attention to your physique and try to look your fittest at the start of a relationship. But as time passes, you realize you have a partner who will never leave you, and you stop caring for your own body.

To feel good in a relationship or to sexually attract your partner, you must like what you see in the mirror on a daily basis. If you can’t arouse your partner, you can’t expect the affection and sexual interest to last. It’s tough, but you can’t lie around like a slob and expect your partner to genuinely think you’re sexy and desirable!

Put on your best outfit and look your best.

Looking fit and developing a great physique is the first step in learning how to stay in love, but it is insufficient to arouse sexual desire in long-term relationships. You must also know how to look good while walking down the street.

Sexual desire is an evolutionary trait, but knowing that there are many other people who give you a second look involuntarily makes your own partner desire you even more.

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Look your best whether you’re at home, at the movies, or at a restaurant with your partner. Groom yourself and impress those around you, and your partner will love, respect, and sexually desire you more than you’ll ever know!

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Allow each other space.

As a relationship matures, lovers begin to spend significantly more time with each other than they did at the start. While spending every evening together is a wonderful way to bond, it is detrimental to the relationship.

If you truly want to know how to stay in love forever, you must learn to give each other space in the relationship so that you can grow as individuals.

Make up your own hobbies and pursue your own interests. Enjoy something you enjoy doing, whether it’s video games or gardening, and nurture your own interests. Maintain an interest in your own life, and you’ll be able to have better and more interesting conversations with your partner.

Spend time with your own friends.

In a long-term relationship, the partners’ lives become too intertwined, and one partner’s life becomes the other partner’s life. But, in order to have a successful romantic relationship, you must remember that you are two individuals who love and desire each other, not two people who are attached at the hips.

Spend time with your own friends from time to time, tell your own jokes, and share your own gossip.

Understanding how to stay in love forever can be difficult to follow if all you look forward to is the monotony of a boring life together, from the moment you wake up until you kiss each other good night.

In order for a relationship to be successful, both partners must be excited to see each other and share the events of their daily lives. If there is no difference between one day and the next, your relationship can become tedious and unpleasant.

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Spend time with one another.

To stay in love forever, you must give each other space while also growing your own life. At the same time, both partners should spend enough time together to talk about each other’s days and spend quality time together, whether it’s watching movies or just cuddling up and watching the evening soaps on television.

Most couples believe they must spend every minute possible with each other in order for their relationship to be successful, but this is simply not true.

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What matters more than the amount of time you spend together is the quality of time you spend together. You’d have a lot more to talk about with each other if you made your own lives.

At the same time, both of you would be delighted to spend time with each other rather than simply sitting next to each other and staring into space or reading a book.

You are not improving your relationship by avoiding all individual social activities, hobbies, and social interactions and spending all of your time with each other. Instead, you’re just boring each other and preventing each other from developing into more exciting people who can be more fun and interesting.

Knowing how to stay in love forever is simple, as long as you remember to stay as two people in love rather than one couple living together.

To keep a relationship exciting, take small steps each day to help each other become better individuals and grow, so that each of you can inspire your partner to do the same.

Isn’t it more exciting to fall in love with a better person every day than to live with someone you fell in love with years ago? To learn more about staying in love forever, use these tips on how to stay in love forever and read the next five steps on how to keep love alive.

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