How to Grow Your Nails Fast


In this guide, we will look at all of the common misconceptions that have long been held to be true when it comes to learning how to grow your nails quickly.

We’ll look at the facts and myths surrounding the effects of various remedies on the rate of nail growth, as well as some visual tricks for making your nails look longer with nail polish.

Facts and Myths About Growing Your Nails Fast

Several facts and myths about the effect of different mediums on the speed of nail growth have been confirmed – and debunked – over the years by beauty science. Though none of the following are absolutes, we’ll try to concentrate on strengthening your nails in general, if not making them grow faster. So, let’s get into the specifics.

1. Dietary Supplements

It has been reported that no dietary supplements have any effect on how quickly your nails grow. You can, however, supplement with biotin and calcium to strengthen your nails and keep them from breaking too easily. Biotin is available as a separate supplement or as a component of some vitamin formulations.

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2. Traditional Medicine

There is no evidence that common traditional remedies such as garlic and other herbs can help you achieve faster nail growth. So, while rubbing garlic cloves into your nails may have a minor healing effect, it is unlikely to be of much use.

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3. Making Your Fingers Work

It is widely held that keeping your fingers busy – for example, by playing the piano, typing on a keyboard, or waving them in the air for hours on end – can cause nails to grow faster due to increased blood supply to your fingers.

Regardless of how appealing and simple this concept is, there is no evidence that any of these methods can affect your nail growth in any way.

Furthermore, keeping your fingers busy may have the opposite effect, as you can break them much easier than if you keep them at rest the majority of the time.

4. Diet High in Protein

This common misconception stems from the fact that a lack of protein in your diet can result in more nail cracks and slower nail growth. However, no evidence suggests that the opposite is true. Unfortunately, no protein diet can specifically make your nails grow faster, so don’t bother going on this diet unless you have another reason.

5. Extra Protection

What we do know is that protecting your fingernails from external influences and pressure can help you keep their length. This is not a direct method for how to grow your nails fast, but by wearing gloves and doing fewer activities that require your hands, you have a better chance of keeping your nails at their ideal length without breaking them.

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6. Skin moisturizers

This rings true as autumn and winter approach. In the colder months, your hands and fingernails, like any other part of your body, require extra moisturizing to avoid drying out and becoming more susceptible to cracking. Determine which moisturizers are best for your skin type and stock up on them to keep your nails lubricated at all times.

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How to Use Nail Polish to Make Your Nails Look Longer

Although you can’t really fool nature and work your magic on how to grow your nails quickly, you can indulge your impatience with some purely visual tricks.

To make your nails appear longer when they are actually shorter, all you need is a skillfully applied nail polish and the right approach! When you’ve finished applying a nail polish base (use a matte one for a more dramatic effect), you can begin with the colors that will make your nails appear longer.

1. Pastel or plain

Applying a plain or pastel nail polish color that is one tone lighter than your skin tone is an excellent method that works even on the shortest nails.

You can use either a matte or gleam lacquer, but avoid using any colors that are specifically white because they will ruin the overall effect.

2. From dark brown to black

Despite popular belief that dark colors are not appropriate for short nails, give it a try and you will see that these magical hues can indeed help you make your nails look much longer!

Furthermore, these colors would emphasize the shape of your nails, allowing you to customize the overall look to your liking, making nails appear narrower and slimmer than they actually are.

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3. From red to crimson

As with dark colors, all shades of red have the ability to visually lengthen and shape your nails. These colors are great for special occasions, but wearing them on a daily basis is a great way to build your unique look and emphasize your gentle (and a little dangerous) femininity.

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4. In contrasts

If you want to create a sophisticated design, use contrasting colors. The only thing to keep in mind is that the lighter shade always appears first at the base of your nails, close to the cuticle. If you make a mistake and apply it backwards, you will have the opposite effect of shortening your nails.

5. Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes, like patterns on your clothes, are likely to make your nails appear longer. To achieve the desired effect, apply darker shade stripes to your base color.

6. Distracting Attention

If you like bold nail art, go for it! Painting your nails in bright, funky designs will likely divert attention away from the length of your fingernails, so you won’t have to worry about it! As this trick relies on diverting people’s attention away from the length of their nails in general, experiment with different designs for different fingers.

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