Do Guys Like Nipple Piercings?

Nipple piercing is very popular among today’s youth. In photos and images on the internet, you will see girls exposing their nipple accessories. They accomplish this by wearing revealing tops that highlight the ornaments. But why would a girl want their nipples pierced? How does it feel to pierce these tender areas? Does it have an impact on your quality of life? Are nipple piercings popular among men? Continue reading to learn more.

Do Men Like Nipple Piercings?

The majority of the time, women do things that make them feel and appear attractive to men. One of these things is nipple piercing, which has now become the norm. For a variety of reasons, an increasing number of women are getting it done.

What do men think of women with such piercings? According to studies, men are drawn to women with piercings in the same way that they are drawn to women with tattoos. Nipple piercings are the third most popular among men, trailing only belly button and nose piercings.

Though not the most popular, nipple piercing is never considered a turn off. Want to know what other guys think about nipple piercing? To find out the answer, watch the video below:

How do you get your nipple pierced?

Nipple piercing is the piercing of one or both nipples for aesthetic purposes. The piercing runs from left to right, or from top to bottom, across the skin. Then, either horizontally or vertically, a jewel is inserted into the nipple.

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What drives women to get their nipple pierced?

This brings us back to the original question: “Do guys like nipple piercings?” One of the main reasons women want nipple piercings is to sexually please their man. Other reasons include wanting to look more attractive or beautiful, displaying her character, concealing a flaw, and so on.

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Make certain that the piercer is familiar with this type of piercing. When getting a nipple piercing, you should be prepared for the following:

  • Pain both during and after the piercing
  • Sports Activities Affected
  • How to properly care for the pierce
  • Sleeping positions that are comfortable
  • How to wear a bra with a nipple piercing, and so on.

Watch the video below to get all the answers to your questions about getting and maintaining nipple piercings. You will be astounded:

What Effect Does Nipple Piercing Have on a Girl’s Life?

1. It Isn’t As Bad As It Looks

Although most people imagine it to be a painful procedure, the nipple piercing process is so quick that it only feels like a nibble.

2. It eventually becomes a part of you.

Once you have the nipple opening, you quickly forget about it because it becomes a natural part of you. You’ll only remember it when it hurts, such as when you’re being dragged by your clothes.

3. It Alters the Way You Wear Clothes

The piercing alters your dressing style because you are more cautious when putting on clothes. You pull your clothes as far away from your nipples as possible to avoid hurting them. Although it may appear strange, you will find yourself pulling your shirts over your head to wear them. This is the best option because it allows you to pull shirts down your chest and then through your arms.

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4. It Modifies Your Dress Code

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What is it about nipple piercings that appeals to men? Isn’t it limiting your style? No, it does not, and it merely encourages you to experiment with new looks. With nipple piercing, you may have to say goodbye to some sexy open knits, mesh, and tight tops, which can cause excruciating pain if worn. However, you can experiment with other styles such as oversize clothing, baggy tops, and so on. Who knows, you might discover some other cute sides to yourself.

5. It causes your skin to become sensitive to touch.

You can have nipple piercings for as long as you want as long as you don’t touch them. Although having them is fashionable, you must understand how and when they can be touched to avoid making your skin sensitive, irritable, red, painful, infected, and so on.

6. You Splurge on Your Nipple Jewel

When it comes to nipple jewelry, your imagination runs wild. And there’s an unexplainable thrill that comes with purchasing a new piece of jewelry for your nipple piercings that no other type of shopping can provide.

7. You’d be wise to keep a low profile.

Not everyone you know is in favor of a nipple piercing. In public, you should keep your little secret to yourself. Some people will not understand the reasoning behind your pieces. As a result, always close the bathroom door and avoid wearing revealing tops.

8. Perfumed Soaps and Body Scrubs Should Be Avoided

Because of the metal jewelry that goes through the pierces, scented soaps and body scrubs are irritating to pierced nipples. Keep your favorite scented products away from the piercings until they have healed.

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9. Breastfeeding may be affected

If you pierce your teats, be prepared to give up a part of your womanhood: breastfeeding, which is not as impossible as it is widely assumed. This should not bother you if you do not intend to breastfeed your baby or have children.

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10. You’ll Like the Look

What is it about nipple piercings that appeals to men? Is it worth it to have your nipples pierced? One way to attract attention is to have a glamorous nipple piercing. It makes you look and feel good. In any case, caring for the piercing is simple, and it heals quickly.

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