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Beef Stir-Fry

I hope there are some Chinese food fans out there. If you don’t like Chinese food, there is something seriously wrong with you. I know someone who says to me all the time that she can’t eat Chinese food because of how it smells.

Crave Breakfast Burger

As a pregnant woman, you may have strange cravings. I can recall my very first pregnancy. I went into the kitchen to create something I thought one of a kind because of a weird craving.

Cast Iron Cornbread

Cornbread is simple to make, but some people may have difficulty making it. In our family, the cornbread is made to look like a cake. We also make it several different ways.

Pizza Sauce From A Can

I know you love a great pizza sauce for your pizza. You can find some good name brand pizza sauces but making it at home is by far the best way to have your pizza. It isn’t a complicated process in making pizza sauce.

A Recipe for Salisbury Steak With French Fried Onions and Tasty Sauce

Many counties have recipes for Salisbury Steak, a way of extending ground meat and making it different. This recipe is a variation on a classic recipe for steak patties. Bypass the traditional hamburger and serve Salisbury Steak tonight.

Potatoes – Grandma’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Have you ever tried mashed potatoes with garlic? Try this recipe for a new taste; it will liven up even the best mashed potato recipe.

Sea Salt or Table Salt in My Salsa Recipe

Hola salsa makers! I’m here to talk to you about sea salt vs. table salt in regards to your salsa recipe.

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Cast Iron Pizza Dough

It is no secret what my favorite food is, and that is pizza which is a diabetic’s nightmare. It is something about putting meat, cheese, and veggies on top of crusty, chewy bread slathered with sauce that makes you feel a little closer to heaven. I create my version of pizza at home because the pizza delivery joints are trying to break your back with the delivery fees.

Chicken Meatloaf

I know a lot of you are health conscious which is very hard to do especially around the holidays. I often try to make substitutions in meals to cut the fat and calories out of the food. I have to watch what I eat even though I sometimes slip and eat stuff like pizza which isn’t a good thing for my health but great on my taste buds.

Real World Meal Planning Recipe Ideas

For people that are looking at ways of making sure that they are eating well, and enjoying nutritious food options, making sure that a plan of action is created is crucial. Without a good plan for meals, putting things together could turn into a logistical nightmare, and the average family can’t function properly.

Pillars of A Good Paleo Diet Grocery List

There are a great deal of diets that you can get involved with, but one of the best ones that you can look into right now is known as the paleo diet. The focus here is on the foods that were eaten before modernity started to take over.

Making Restaurant Quality Meals At Home The Easy Way
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Millions of people go out to eat on a regular basis, and some go out more than they eat at home. That is not a good habit to get into, especially when it can cost a great deal of money to keep up with.

Thousand Island Chicken Breast

I love baked chicken breasts, but I don’t like frying them. It’s because the pieces are sometimes big and I usually only fry chicken legs, thighs, and wings. White meat to me seems best baked or marinade in a sauce.

Creamy Chicken and Vegetables Over Rice, a Comfort Food Recipe

Americans love comfort food. Unfortunately, much of this comfort food is high in fat, salt, and calories. Fast food is really high in calories. You can still eat comfort food and reduce the calories if you make it yourself. This recipe is an example.