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Southern Style Dressing For Your Thanksgiving

A traditional southern style dressing recipe. Perfect for Turkey Day or Christmas.

Let’s Make Mousaka

Mausaka is one of my favourite meal. I love making it for my family and friends. It is a perfect for dinner and parties.

Trick or Treat Halloween Cake

Come on, let’s indulge together in a little sweet and scary decadence. Have you ever had visions of a little Jack o’ Lantern pumpkin surrounded with other little monsters in your head? You will enjoy making a very special Halloween holiday treat with a little help from these lovely trick or treat beggars.

Recipes for Kids – Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets competes with pizza as being a favorite amongst kids. Store or restaurant bough chicken nuggets have a lot of undesirable ingredients in them, so it is always better to make these at home. Here we give a recipe with a twist. Easy to make and delicious to eat and enjoy!

Chinese Okra Chicken Stir-Fry

I am the stir-fry queen. I will throw anything in a wok and cook it. I mainly like chicken and beef stir-fry.

Spring Mix Chicken Pizza

I like chicken pizza which isn’t a traditional way of serving pizza but it is a healthier alternative. I don’t eat pork and here lately, I have been reluctant to eat red meat. That only leaves me with chicken or fish and I don’t think fish pizza would be very appetizing.

Warming Beef Stew for a Chilly Night: A Slow Cooker Recipe

When temperatures drop many of us want to eat or drink something warm — hot cocoa, tea, coffee, soup, or stew. Beef stew is a comforting meal and you can customize a basic recipe to your family’s tastes. This recipe will warm you on a chilly night and makes an easy lunch the next day.

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Spinach Saute

I was never one of those kids who didn’t eat vegetables. The only thing I couldn’t stand to eat was Brussel sprouts. I can tolerate them now as an adult but I despised them as a child.

Fried Breakfast Chops

I’m sorry to say that I had to give up eating pork. Why you may ask? Well, my body rejects it now.

Healthy Game Day Guacamole

This healthy guacamole recipe can be whipped up in under 15 minutes. It’s great to bring to a party or just for snacking at home.

Healthy Baked Chicken Recipe – Parmesan Herb Stuffed Chicken

Fresh herbs and parmesan cheese come together to make a delightful Parmesan and Herb Stuffed Chicken. Tastes like something from a restaurant, but easy enough for any weekday night. Thanks to the fresh herbs and parmesan cheese, it has tons of flavor but it’s light on calories and fat. In about 30 minutes you can have a crave-worthy meal that will please the entire family.

How To: Make the Best Home Made Fettuccine for the Holidays

Having some good old pasta on the dinner table is one of the best things to have when the season’s getting a little chilled and jolly. The holidays are the perfect time to let go of all your worries about dieting, and how your figure looks. After losing so much weight just for summer and beach trips, this is now the time when you can let go and feast for Christmas comes but only once a year.

Find Out How To Make Eggs Over Easy The Right Way
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One of the most common meals in the world is eggs over easy. A lot of people will typically take it as a meal at breakfast or may choose to eat it as lunch with other foods like bacon, bread or sausages. Anyone can use the following recipe to know how to make eggs over easy.

Healthy Slow Cooker Stew With Herbs and Fall Vegetables

Using seasonal vegetables and spices in a tasty, healthy winter stew. A freezable stew that is easy to make and tastes good.