Bra Fit Tips and Tricks – How Should a Bra Fit?

When you wear the right size bra, you will have both support and comfort all day. Furthermore, you are confident that you will look good no matter what you choose to wear.

This is exactly what you require from a bra. However, determining whether or not a bra fits can be difficult. If you want to get a good fit for your bra, one of the first things you should learn is how to measure and determine the correct bra size, as well as how to choose the best bra.

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Determine Your Bra Size

1. Relax while standing still in front of the mirror. Avoid taking deep breaths to avoid expanding your rib cage.

2. Read the number from a soft tape measure wrapped around your body under your breasts. Add 5 to the number and you’ll get your band size. For example, if you read 30 1/2 on the tape measure, round off to the nearest whole number and your band size is 36.

3. Now, take the cup and measure it. Allow the tape measure to go around your back, passing over the fullest part of your breast at the nipples. Don’t pull it too tightly; just make sure it covers the entire area.

4. Take 38 as your cup measurement and subtract 36 for your band measurement. In other words, 38-36=2. Using the following guide, the answer you receive will provide your correct cup size:

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0 = AA

1 = A

2 = B

3 = C

4 = D

5 = DD

6 = DDD

Discover the Best Bra for Your Breast Shape

Breast shapes and sizes vary from woman to woman, and they also change over time. Various frames and shapes are shown below. Determine which one best resembles your body and the bra that will best complement your breasts.

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Full and Firm

A full coverage bra is required to cover the entire breast tissue. It will hold the fullness of the breasts in place. If you want to minimize the full cup appearance, wear a minimizer type that will reduce your cup size while still providing comfort.

Full Bottom and Shallow Top

This shape is best suited to a push up or demi cup. A demi cup lifts your breast tissue, whereas a push up makes your cup size appear larger.

Top and bottom are shallow.

If your breasts are hanging lower than they were before, a seamed or full coverage bra is best. Transversal seams will round out your breasts, and a 3-part or 2-part seamed cup will be more flattering due to the lift and push they provide to the breast tissue.


To eliminate the appearance of a single boob, try a bra that encapsulates and separates each boob. A molded cup bra is also beneficial because it creates a large center division. Pushups should be avoided because they bring the breasts closer together.

Wide set

This shape will benefit from a bra with side wings that can draw tissue together to fill the center and front of the cup. If you have a large cup, a sling bra or one with side boning will provide more support to the tissue on the side. For smaller cups, a pushup or plunge bra will suffice.

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Every woman has one larger breast. Removable padding bras can help with this. Remove the pad for the larger cap, and the difference will be hidden. You could also try molded bras or a stretch bra to contour your breast size.

Shoulders that are too narrow

Choose bras that are designed for a petite frame. Bras with convertible straps are an excellent choice.

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Shoulders that are broad

Because the straps are so far apart, a demi cup bra is ideal. If the straps of your sleeveless tops show, try a classic racer back, T-back, or Y-back style.


Before you heal, the doctor may recommend a surgical bra or a post-surgery, soft cup wireless bra to provide you with comfortable support. Once you’ve healed, a wired bra with side boning will be an excellent choice for bringing out the enhancement.

Check out this video on bra sizing guide:

Examine Your Bra

The gore should be pressed flat against your skin.

The gore is the center section of an underwire bra. It is the panel that connects the bra’s cups at the front. Different bras have different gores in terms of size and type, and some bras do not have this feature at all. All underwire bras, on the other hand, have a gore that is designed to lie flat against your body.

When you move, lift your arms, or bend over, the gore should always be flat against your sternum. If it isn’t, it’s because the bra style isn’t right for your body type or the cups are too small.

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The strap does not dig or slip.

The straps are not solely responsible for providing support and lift; the cups and back band are. Even if you wear a large cup, they should not be at all uncomfortable. If they slip or dig into your skin, the bra style is not appropriate for your body type.

The band is flat and does not dig into the skin.

The band should be soft and not too tight. If it’s too small, it’s too small; if it rides up your back, it’s too big. The back band should be parallel to the floor, just below your shoulder blades.

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Cups that are smooth and have no bulges

There should be no signs of “spillage” at the top edge of the bra cups. Make sure your breasts don’t appear to be “bubbling” out of your bra. This should be the same for the side view as well. If the bra is the right size for you, it will lay flat over your skin rather than away from your body. If your bra has an underwire, it should not pierce the skin near your underarm.



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