9 Effective Ways to Stop Your Hair from Breaking


Having trouble getting your hair to grow longer? Can’t figure out why your hair isn’t as healthy or shiny as the woman next to you?

Most likely, the source of your hair problems is simply that your hair is falling out. When this happens, your hair becomes weak and you end up with split ends that prevent your hair from growing.

There are several methods for preventing hair from breaking. Continue reading to find out how.

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How to Prevent Hair Breakage

9Allow your Hair to Dry before Brushing It.

Wet hair is extremely vulnerable to damage, and brushing it while it is wet is almost certain to cause significant damage. Those with black or darker hair should be especially cautious, as darker hair is already prone to breakage even when not wet. Brushing your hair while it is wet will cause it to stretch so much that it snaps.

You should brush your hair when it is at least partially dry; however, you should never use a bristle brush on wet hair; once hair has dried completely, you can use a bristle brush.

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