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Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts of Corn Flakes

Breakfast is, undoubtedly, the most essential meal of the day. But today most of the people tend to miss this important meal of the day due to lack of time. It is important to consume a wholesome breakfast with cereals, fruits, juice and milk. Today majority of the people prefer to consume breakfast cereals as it is easy to cook and requires considerably lesser time to consume.

Easy Healthy Recipes for Snacks – Good For Adults and Kids

Snacking when done right remains one of the tops ways to maintain a good weight and get a hang of healthy eating and if you use easy healthy recipes to prepare snacks, you will find out that it is really easy to make lots and variety of healthy snacks quickly. You may choose to go for solid or fluid snacks. Most times when I’m thirsty and hungry I simply use the opportunity to go for a healthy smoothie snack.

Bacon Wrapped Chestnut Fritters – A Special Treat Cooked Perfectly In Your Toaster Oven

Long ago Chestnut trees were plentiful in North America. They actually made up about a quarter of the native forest when European colonists came to these lands. Chestnuts were abundant, delicious and free. This is why the chestnut was so prominent in early American cookery. I love reading old cookbooks and recipe collections. I often try to adapt those recipes to modern-day ingredients and cooking equipment as well as our evolved taste buds. That is exactly what I did with an old pork-wrapped chestnut fritter recipe.

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Bake A Tasty Loaf Of Carrot Bread In Your Toaster Oven

Most people have had carrot cake and this gives them expectations when eating it. This once healthy dessert is now loaded with sugar and white flour. It is then smothered in a sugary icing further degrading its healthy status. I have made healthy versions of this cake, but most people frown upon changes to such a well-known dessert. My solution was to make something different: a loaf of carrot bread. No one expects over-the-top sweetness from a loaf of bread, so people are pleasantly surprised by the natural sweetness of the carrots which gets a small boost from a little bit of honey.

Chicken Again? How to Create an Economical Gourmet Chicken Recipe

If you’re the household cook, you don’t need me to tell you that chicken is a cornerstone of our menus. Chicken is a healthy and budget friendly meat, but when it fills in two or three dinner menus a week, the family may be screaming “Uncle!” before long. What you need is a gourmet chicken recipe to break the boredom.

Simple Recipe for Chocolate Puddings at Home

Puddings are the most favourite items for all ages of people. But puddings made for commercial purposes are full with artificial chemicals and preservatives which are harmful for health. So it is better to prepare chocolate puddings at home.

Bread Upma Recipe

This recipe was one of the first recipes that I learnt in my life, and surprisingly it is also the first recipe which I posted in my blog. And guess who taught me this recipe, my sister. She is a fantastic cook.

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Yes, Brussel Sprouts Can Be Delicious With The Help Of Your Toaster Oven

Brussel sprout are not loved by many people. I know many who refuse to even try these healthy vegetables because of past experiences. Here is a recipe that is sure to win over any Brussel sprout haters. This recipe cooks up perfectly in your toaster oven and will change your view of this vegetable forever.

Stuffed Red Peppers Cooked Perfectly In Your Toaster Oven

These stuffed peppers are a departure from traditional stuffed peppers in a few ways. First, I use vitamin C rich red peppers rather than the standard green bell or poblano peppers. Second, the filling is comprised of anchovies, fruits and nuts rather than the traditional meat or cheese fillings. This makes for a very unique flavor profile which I love. The peppers cook up perfectly in a toaster oven. The close proximity of the heating elements provides a beautifully browned top to these tasty stuffed peppers.

Whole Grain Sweet Potato and Walnut Biscuits Cook Up Perfectly In Your Toaster Oven

I try to make everything a little healthier. I love good, old-fashioned biscuits with dinner, but I know anything loaded with refined white flour will never be a healthy option. I experimented with various whole grain biscuits but the texture was always too dense or too dry. I found a perfect solution: I add mashed sweet potatoes to the batter. This gives them a perfect, moist interior. They are flaky yet tender and make an excellent addition to almost any meal.

Delicious Chicken Recipes

Awesome chicken recipes with a common ingredient; Kashmiri chillies. They give a lovely, appetising colour to the dish and have a unique flavour of their own.

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Easiest Recipe to Make Beef Stew at Home

Beef stew is one of the most favourite and delicious dishes in different parts of the world. People prefer the hearty stew most for its classic taste and convenient cooking process. You can take the dish at any time of your meal. The article will guide you to cook beef stew at home investing the less effort.

Crab Wonton Recipes

There are various types of crab wonton recipes, ranging from crunchy fried crab rangoon wontons, to delicate steamed crab wontons. Crab is also a delicious filling for the wontons which go in wonton soup.

German Traditions and Recipes for Easter – Part 5: Easter Sunday and Monday

Welcome to the fifth and last part of my little article series about German Easter festivities. In Part 4 we talked about the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs and the hugely important Easter Breakfast on Sunday and finished with dinner, which is of course lamb more often than not. There is however a lot more to be said about traditions and rites on Easter Sunday in Germany.