2 Easy and Most Delicious Ways to Cook Carrots| #StayHome | Cook What You Got

Being There When It Matters: Children and Parents Adapt to Celiac Disease

Helping a child adapt to celiac disease can be challenging but the old adages apply. Parents must support and educate their children in the foods that they eat. Gluten-free recipes for kids can help.

10 Pasta Recipe Ideas Every Mother Should Know to Please Her Kids

Kids are mostly picky eater and they like to eat sweet and junks instead of having something healthy and appetizing. In today’s post, we will discuss the top 10 pasta recipes which are kid’s friendly, easy to make and moreover healthy.

The Gluten-Free Juggernaut Rolls On

The rise of gluten-free foods has taken on a life of its own. It has become the number one health-food trends. Gluten-free recipes and gluten-free foods are now ubiquitous.

Say Yes to Honey!

Being a nutritionist I have always wondered about the health benefits of honey-should I look at it as just another source of sugar? Or should I view it differently given the kind of associations that Ayurveda and other indigenous medical traditions have with honey? To solve this predicament, I thankfully got an opportunity to research on this topic. Here are a few insights I have gained since then!

A Recipe for Microwave Fried Egg

An article with instructions on how to cook fried egg in the microwave. This microwave method is a quicker and healthier alternative to cooking a fried egg in a frying pan.

The Corned Beef Omelette

Simple, fast, and easy to serve. A can of corned beef is an ever present item in the cupboard. This can, unknown to most foodies, is a luxury item that every mom has.

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Gluten Free Recipes – What 10 Grains Can Be Substituted For Wheat?

Gluten-free recipes can be a challenge and looking at all the grain bins at the natural food store can be intimidating. Whether you have Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or by choice you follow a gluten free diet, you need to know not just which grains have gluten but also which grains are gluten-free that can be substituted. Here is a list of 10 gluten-free grains with a little information about each one.

How to Make a Super Healthy Pizza

If you make a conventional style pizza then sure it will not be so healthy, but what if you make a super healthy pizza? A pizza in which you don’t have to compromise on your taste buds and will get your health benefits as well. A super healthy pizza? Is that even possible? Well yes it is possible now.

Making Pickles and Chutneys – Hints and Tips

Generally speaking, pickles and chutneys are the most straightforward of preserves to make. Unlike jellies and jams, they don’t require setting. Before cooking, vegetables should be soaked in brine for a day or so.

Mango Chutney Recipe

Mango Chutney This is a classic chutney, and is an essential accompaniment to to any Indian meal. It complements and balances the flavours of spicy Indian dishes perfectly. It is especially well suited to chicken, turkey or duck dishes, but is versatile enough to enhance the experience of any Indian dish.

Authentic Recipe Of Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin is extremely useful for your health, because it contains a lot of important vitamins and minerals. It is widely used in cooking of a great number of dishes. Pumpkin bread is one of the most popular dishes cooked with pumpkin. It is very nourishing and easy in cooking. It can be a perfect meal for your kids.

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Low Salt Sausage and Vegetable Soup With Italian Herbs

Many processed foods contain lots of salt. Though your body needs salt, too much salt can be harmful. Sure, soup tastes good with lots of salt. However, this reduced salt recipe still delivers flavor and comfort.

Healthy Burger and Chips

I may have surprised you with the healthy burger and chips title. Healthy burger and chips? Is that possible.

White Chocolate Raspberry Blondies

This article contains a recipe to make delicious, chewy blondies filled with melted white chocolate and raspberries. They are simple to make and easy to eat.