10 Pro Makeup Artist Tricks You Need To Know


Makeup is unquestionably one of every girl’s favorite accessories. As ladies, our feminine side will always knock on our doors, if not every day. There are days when you just want to play with the different shades and see how your smokey eyes will look after application.

When you get to put on your makeup perfectly, it’s very exciting and fulfilling. But there are times when you just want to throw away your makeup because your lashes won’t curl or your eyeliner won’t go straight.

Makeup application takes a lot of practice in order to get it just right. But, if applying makeup to yourself is difficult, how about applying it to someone else? Would it be more difficult?

This article will teach you how to apply makeup in front of others.

How to Apply Makeup to Others

1. Check that your hands are clean.

Remember to wash your hands before beginning and between people. Infections can be spread when working in close proximity to other people’s eyes. Because you must use your right hand to find the placement and your left hand to apply the product, it is critical that you do so with clean hands.

2. Begin with a clean, unblemished face.

Using a makeup remover or baby oil, remove any old makeup. Applying makeup over old makeup will result in an unnatural and caked-on appearance. Also, request that the individual wash her face with a gentle cleanser. Putting on makeup while sweating or with excess oil will result in a greasy appearance.

This can also clog pores, resulting in acne and other skin problems. To compensate for the dryness caused by cleansing, the skin will produce more oil. So, apply some lotion or moisturizer to your face to get a new look.

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3. Know the individual

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Place yourself in front of the person so that you can clearly see the structure and shape of their face. Make certain that the lighting is well-balanced. You could use a mirror that has built-in lighting. This is critical if you want a balanced application on both sides and a perfect finish.

4. Make use of concealer.

Acne marks, red patchy areas, dark circles under the eyes, and other blemishes are all covered up with concealer. Its primary purpose is to even out the skin tone. Dab a pea-sized amount of concealer around the face and neck with a brush or your clean fingertips. Spread it out evenly to avoid discolored areas on her face.

5. Apply and solidify the foundation

There are various types of foundation, but they all serve the same purpose: to even out the skin tone on top of the concealer you previously applied to her face. If necessary, apply foundation to the entire face, including the neck and earlobes. Another tip for doing other people’s makeup is to use a foundation that matches the person’s natural skin tone. Setting powder will be useful if you use liquid foundation or if she wants long-lasting makeup.


6. Line the eyebrows

Lining the brows is optional, but recommended for those with thin or sparse brows. Choose an eyebrow pencil in the same color as her hair. It is recommended that you shape your brows before applying liner. Remove any excess hair and ensure that the brow shapes are appropriate for the person’s facial structure and symmetry. Outline the brows and then fill in the middle with color. To make her brows look natural, use short strokes perpendicular to her brows.

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7. Make use of eye shadow

Depending on the look you want for the person, you can choose from a variety of eyeshadow colors. However, the most basic way to apply eyeshadow is to apply a single color to the entire eyelid. Start in the center near the lash line with an eyeshadow brush, and then blend outwards to the skin tone near the crease.

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For a more dramatic effect, use a second darker shade. The main color of the eye shadow should not extend past the brows. When using multiple shades, make sure to blend them well.

8. Make a decision on eyeliner.

There are numerous methods for applying eyeliner. To get started, decide what kind of look you want to achieve. Another tip for doing other people’s makeup is to use brown or black eyeliner because these colors provide the most natural look, unless the person prefers a more colorful and fancy look.

Use hypoallergenic products, especially if this is her first time getting her makeup done. You can also use liquid or pencil eyeliners. Pencil eyeliners are easier to apply, while liquid liners are also effective but can smudge.

9. Make use of eyeliner.

Before applying eyeliner to others, make sure you can apply it to yourself. If you are comfortable applying it to yourself, it will be easier for you to apply it to others. Close the person’s eyes and place your non-dominant hand’s thumb and forefinger on her cheekbone and temple. This will make your hand more stable and will allow the person to relax.

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Apply the eyeliner to the lids of both eyes, starting with the top lid and working your way down. Allow time for liquid eyeliner to set before allowing the person to open her eyes. It’s also a good idea to inform the person that you’re about to apply eyeliner because some people are curious about what you’re doing with their eyes. By doing so, they will remain calm and not be startled when you launch the application. Some people prefer to open their eyes from time to time, which is fine.

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10. Perform the lips

Another tip for how to do other people’s makeup is to create an ideal lip shape. To see the lip line and remove the natural pigments of the lips, apply a light foundation to the entire lip area. Outline the edges of the lips with a white eyeliner pencil to make them fuller or thinner. Outline the lips once more with a lip pencil before beginning to apply lip color with a lip brush. Begin at the Cupid’s bow and work your way outwards, then inwards on the lower lips.



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