10 Common Possible Causes of Lump on Penis

Finding a hard spot on the penile shaft can be concerning for many men. You may have looked up lump on penile shaft pictures to compare your condition to others’, which may have made you even more concerned. So, what exactly is the source of that troubling problem? Should you seek medical attention as soon as possible?

Fortunately, a lump under the penile shaft skin can be caused by a variety of benign conditions that do not necessitate treatment. However, it is understandable for a man to be concerned if he discovers a lump under the skin on his penile shaft. Here’s what you need to know to be at ease.


10 Reasons for a Lump Under the Skin on the Penile Shaft

1. Lymphoceles

You may have this problem if you notice a hard spot on your penile shaft right after sex or masturbation. It means that the swelling and motion have clogged the lymph system in your penis. This will pass quickly and will not cause any long-term health issues. It is, in fact, quite common.

2. Fordyce Spots

These benign spots are usually small and raised, and they can be pale red, yellow-white, or even the same color as the surrounding skin. They can be found on the scrotum, labia, and even a person’s lips, in addition to the penile shaft. They are quite common and do not cause any problems.

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3. Folliculitis

There are tiny hair follicles all over the penile shaft, and they can become inflamed at times. It is a very superficial skin infection, but it can lead to a hard lump. Because this can be quite painful, immediate medical attention is required.

4. Peyronie’s Disease

This is an extremely rare condition that can result in a lump under the skin on the penile shaft. This is frequently linked to painful, curved erections. This type of condition necessitates immediate medical attention.

5. Warts on the genital area

These are concerning because they are the result of a sexually transmitted infection. Painless genital warts are common. Because these can appear in a variety of ways on your skin, it is a good idea to compare lump on penile shaft pictures to those caused by genital warts.

6. Lichen Nitidus

These tiny flesh-colored pimples resemble genital warts, but they remain a mystery to doctors. They might stay for a long time, or they might just come and go. They are rarely painful and do not require any treatment.

7. Molluscum Contagiosum

This is a very common skin infection that can cause a lump under the skin on the penile shaft ranging in size from a pinhead to a much larger area. The bumps disappear on their own, but if scratched, they may grow larger or spread to other areas.

8. Bruises

Ulcers on the penile shaft can form for a variety of reasons, including excessive sexual activity, genital herpes, viral infections, and some types of skin cancer. Ulcers and sores necessitate a trip to the doctor.

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9. Calcinosis is a type of calcinosis.

This is a very rare condition in which calcium salts accumulate beneath the skin. It could happen as a result of an injury. The spots are usually firm and white or yellow in color.

10. Cancer of the Penis

This is yet another extremely uncommon condition. Spots on the glans, foreskin, or penile shaft that do not disappear should always be checked out by a doctor.

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